Medical Acupuncture Tasmania - What happens?
Medical Acupuncture Tasmania - Acupuncture & laser therapy
What happens?

There are many different types and styles of acupuncture practice. Dr Vivien Wright is a medical practitioner who has training in low level laser therapy (LLLT), traditional Chinese acupuncture, western or scientific medical acupuncture, auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture) and Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture (YNSA) and has undertaken education in various styles of fascial therapy.
Dr Vivien Wright's approach to consultation and treatment:
Dr Wright's approach to a consultation relies on an initial careful history,  examination and assessment before any acupuncture or laser therapy is offered if this appropriate for your problem.
Patient Information and Consent Form:
If you decide to consult Dr Wright for assessment for possible acupuncture or low level laser therapy for your symptoms you will be asked to attend 15 minutes before your first appointment time to fill out patient information and read the consent form.
History and examination: Dr Wright will take a careful history and with your consent perform an examination appropriate to the problem. Depending on your problem you may require a careful assessment of your body shape and posture.
Clothing for examination and or treatment
Please wear clothing that allows for some disrobing if necessary: for example please wear modest underwear or bring shorts/ tank top.

Assessment: After initial assessment Dr Wright will discuss her findings with you and whether your symptoms are suitable for acupuncture or low level laser therapy.  She will offer information as to potential benefits and risks and alternatives so that you can make an informed choice about your best medical care.
Consent for treatment: You will be asked to provide consent before beginning treatment.
Treatment: Dr Wright will be present during the time that needle acupuncture or low level laser therapy is administered.
Reassessment: Your condition will be reassessed at each visit. If you  have experienced an improvement in your well-being and a reduction in your symptoms you might decide to stop or to continue with acupuncture or low level laser therapy at less frequent intervals. If you have had no improvement after 5 visits Dr Wright may advise you to consider other treatments which may be more suitable for your condition.
Will I be offered anything else? You will be offered information and counselling relevant to your condition.
What is not offered? Dr Wright will not provide prescriptions for pain related medication nor for your routine medications.  You are requested to obtain your prescriptions from your usual doctor.
What if I need investigations or other treatment?
Except in emergencies or urgent situations if you have a condition which requires further investigations or other medical or surgical treatment Dr Wright will advise you to discuss this with your usual doctor.
Will Dr Wright communicate with my usual doctor or other health therapist?
Yes, Dr Wright will write to referring doctors or physical therapists and to other health therapists at your request.
Do I need a referral? A referral is not required by Medicare however it is very useful in the assessment of your problem if you have a letter from your doctor or physical therapist containing relevant  information.
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