Medical Acupuncture Tasmania - How long does it take?
Medical Acupuncture Tasmania - Acupuncture & laser therapy
How long does acupuncture with Dr Wright take?

An initial appointment with Dr Wright is for 30 minutes. People with more complex conditions may require more time for assessment. You will be advised if a prolonged consultation or additional consultations are required.

Subsequent appointments for acupuncture with Dr Wright are generally for 15 or 30 minutes
How many appointments will I require?
This depends on many things including how long the problem has been present.
Newer problems that have been present for a short time (days to months) generally respond quickly and usually require less than 5visits. More complicated older /chronic problems that have not responded to other therapies or been present for more than 6 months will usually require more visits. A trial of 3 to 5 visits is often required to see whether acupuncture or low level laser therapy will help for older or more complicated problems.

Your condition will be reassessed at each appointment. If you have experienced an improvement in your well-being and a reduction in your symptoms you might decide to stop acupuncture. If you have had no improvement after 5 visits Dr Wright may advise you to consider other alternatives which may be more suitable for your condition.

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